Sample QueueMetrics add-on project

Project version: 1.0 - see Changelog
Runtime environment: ......
Licence: [Must be either "Public domain" or "LGPL"] File revision: $Id: index.html,v 1.3 2008/11/11 09:32:02 lenz73 Exp $

Project description

This is a sample QueueMetrics Add-On project to show how the layout is supposed to work. The index.html page is referenced from the top-level pages 00-navbar and 00-main.

This page is supposed to contain a description of the project, and installation guides. This page may reference a number of other optional pages, the only required one being changelog.html.

If the project is comprised by one or a few files, the files may be kept in the main directory. It is made of a number of files, you may actually create a subdirectory for the code, one for the unit tests, one for the install script, etc. Wherever possible, all source files should show the $Id$ tag by the top and a $Log$ tag by the end (see the sample script.php for an example of a good file header for your projects).


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Usage instructions

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You can either download the full Open QM Add-ons Package from SourceForge (see main page) or download files separately over the web:

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